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700C 26MM Width Carbon Road Rims 
Light Version Weight (UD ,Butefly Knot ):+/-15g
RD2630T:280g    RD2630C:360g    RD2630TL:360g
RD2635T:300g    RD2635C:390g    RD2635TL:390g
RD2638T:300g    RD2638C:400g    RD2638TL:400g
RD2640T:305g    RD2640C:410g    RD2645TL:410g
RD2645T:310g    RD2645C:420g    RD2645TL:420g
RD2650T:330g    RD2650C:430g    RD2650TL:430g
RD2655T:350g    RD2655C:450g    RD2655TL:450g
RD2660T:380g    RD2660C:480g    RD2660TL:480g
Standard Version Weight (All Weave ):+/-15g
RD2630T:330g    RD2630C:400g    RD2630TL:400g
RD2635T:340g    RD2635C:430g    RD2635TL:430g
RD2638T:380g    RD2638C:450g    RD2638TL:450g
RD2640T:390g    RD2640C:460g    RD2645TL:460g
RD2645T:410g    RD2645C:470g    RD2645TL:470g
RD2650T:430g    RD2650C:490g    RD2650TL:490g
RD2655T:440g    RD2655C:500g    RD2655TL:500g
RD2660T:460g    RD2660C:530g    RD2660TL:530g
RD2675T:530g    RD2675C:640g    RD2675TL:640g
RD2680T:560g    RD2680C:660g    RD2688TL:660g